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Looking Beyond the Horizon

Whether you live in Canada or Cambodia, China or Chile, you have something in common with other entrepreneurs from around the world: You speak the international language of business.

So do we.

Which is why Trade Enclave is required reading for today’s new breed of entrepreneur. “Born global” companies face a different challenge than their domestically-focused counterparts; they need real-time market intelligence and insider knowledge of business conditions and regulations in order to make informed, competitive decisions.

Through our partnerships with trade missions and our international network of business journalists, we’re first to report on the market niches and emerging trends; opportunities that have the power to catapult your business from local to global in the blink of an eye.

Need to identify an agricultural manufacturer in Bulgaria? Want to know about carbon credits in Bangladesh? Read on: If the world is a global village, you’ve just found Main Street.

Trade Enclave e-zine

Trade Enclave is a community of global entrepreneurs; an online portal to international partnerships, information and trade conditions. At its heart, it's a monthly e-zine jam-packed with the latest intelligence reports as filed by our correspondents from around the globe. To see what business men and women the world over are talking about, click on the image below.

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